Structures require huge capital commitments and on-going maintenance. Mitigating associated risk and reducing operating costs is paramount. 

We understand the obstacles that you face building and maintaining roads, bridges, and buildings. For states and local governments, these projects must be finished on time and preferably below budget. Partnering with you and civil engineering firms, we provide you with metallurgical support and services that gives you the confidence knowing that your projects are constructed and maintained to last as long as intended, and meet safety regulations.  

From our on-site consulting services to our non-destructive, environmentally-friendly inspections, we can assure that the metals, polymers, and composites in your projects will handle your workload. We have in-depth knowledge, examining metal corrosion and their impacts on bridges and buildings. When structures fail, we are able to find the root cause, as well as determine the remaining life of a bridge or building so that you can plan maintenance. 

Testing Capabilities: 

  • Weld inspections may be used to 1) verify your welding is done to specification and code, 2) ensure that your welder is properly certified to perform the required welds, and 3) qualify a change to your weld procedure. Certifying your welders and procedures helps ensure overall quality and creates trace-ability for your clients. For bridges and buildings, weld inspections from a certified testing laboratory verify that your welding has been completed to specification and code.

  • Corrosion testing determines how your components and parts will perform when exposed to environmental conditions that may cause them to corrode. Corrosion can cause both cosmetic and functional damage to a structure.  MES offers a wide array of services to understand and control corrosion.  Our metallurgist can help you understand the root cause of corrosion issues and provide mitigation through the use of cathodic protection.

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of components or process systems helps to understand if there are problems present like material defects or detrimental corrosion.  As the name suggests, non-destructive testing means that the material is left intact and the environment is left undisturbed during inspection. The MES NDT team can assist you with the detection of cracks, defects, corrosion analysis, or verification of existing infrastructure. 

  • Chemical composition testing can help ensure materials are specification compliant, determine what is in your system, and help you prescribe a correct material for replacement.  Our chemistry lab provides materials verification for polymers, pains, adhesives, and lubricants.  For metals and minerals, we offer a number of techniques for rapid analysis.

When failures occur, the MES team of failure analysts and our cutting edge failure analysis lab can help you determine the root cause, and provide engineering insight to prevent future failures.

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