Millions of people rely on nuclear energy to power their lives. We help you ensure that this is done safely and production is kept online. 

Safety and quality are at the bedrock of the nuclear power generation industry. Regulators and governments demand that guidelines and rules are followed in order to protect the general public and the environment. MES can help you achieve your goals and timelines through providing failure analysis, shut-down NDT inspection services, micro analysis, and certifying materials used in the nuclear-generated power process. This support extends all the way to your vendors, ensuring that your supply chain adheres to your requirements. 

Additionally, when components or parts fail, we have the industry expertise to diagnosis the root cause of failure and help you take the necessary steps to prevent future outages. Our team of professionals are able to pinpoint and identify failure whether the failure was due to materials, environment, or abuse, and partner with you to develop alternative solutions. 

Testing Capabilities: 

  • Materials verification through chemical and mechanical testing can help validate the materials in your system, and help you prescribe the correct material for replacement.  Our chemistry lab provides materials verification for metals, polymers, composites, minerals, adhesives, and lubricants.  We offer a number of techniques for rapid, expedited analysis.

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) during your shut-down periods is delivered by a team specialized professionals. We can assist to identify defects or determine extent of corrosion.  In addition to traditional NDT methods, MES provides guided wave ultrasound and corrosion mapping services.

When failures occur, our team of metallurgical and materials engineers can help you determine the root cause and provide recommendations to prevent future failures. Determining the cause of corrosion by metallurgical investigation will help to mitigate against unexpected shut-down.

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